Revised: February 23, 2021




Episcopal Diocese of Georgia

COVID-19 Safer Standards Indoor Services

-This is HOW we do it-

Maximum Number of People

Up to 25 persons if square footage allows (i.e. 25 persons will not exceed the 10 person per 300 square feet condition) All numbers include clergy and lay worship leaders (NOTE: for Holy Nativity, this is a maximum of 20)


At least six (6) feet apart (including when at the altar) Every other pew/row of chairs cordoned off. Do not seat persons directly in front of/behind one another.

Length of the Service

One (1) hour or less total in the space

One Way and Traffic Flow Markings

Yes. Idea is to keep people from crossing paths head-on; arrows in tape on the floor or signs may help direct traffic into and out of nave or worship space, into and out of seating, and similar.

Online Signups 

Including name and contact information; can also include signing up for seat/placement locations

Assigned or Recorded Seating/Placement

This information is necessary for contact tracing so we may let people know if they may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Masks Required

Church must have masks available for persons who do not bring their own; medical grade masks not required

Singing and/or Chanting

Soloists/single pod of up to five (5) people only.

Masked 25 feet apart, up to 5 people. Must be tested with 4 days.


Permitted while attending to safety Eucharist is permissible in bread only

Passing the Peace/Greetings

Touch free and maintaining at least six (6) feet of distance (waving, bowing, etc)

Printed Materials

BCP, Hymnal, and other reusable printed worship materials may be used.


Emergency use only

Traditional Episcopal Worship located in The Village of Saint Simons Island Georgia. We are an all inclusive loving Christian Community. 



Holy Nativity Episcopal Church

615 Mallery St.

Saint Simons Island,

Georgia. 31522

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